YouTube Will Start Playing Ads on Videos Without Compensating Creators

In November 2020, YouTube updated its Terms of Service regarding advertisements and monetization for creators.

Before these updates, YouTube only put ads on videos that were made by creators in the YouTube Partner Program. Members of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) shared the revenue of the ads that played at the beginning or in the middle of their videos with YouTube, and videos made and posted by creators, not in the YPP did not have ads on them.

Now, YouTube will slowly be putting ads on videos made by creators not in the YPP in addition to the videos of YouTube Partners, but creators not in the YPP will not be entitled to a share of the revenue that YouTube generates from those ads. While creators who are not currently a part of the YPP are still able to apply to be in it if they meet the requirements, they will not receive any revenue from ads placed on their videos before they become a YouTube Partner.

Becoming a member of the YouTube Partner Program is not exactly easy. Applicants need to have more than one thousand subscribers and accumulate over four thousand hours of watch time on their channel over the past year. Additionally, applications are reviewed by YouTube employees and therefore take some time to be processed and either accepted or denied.

The impact of these new policies is yet to be seen, but many YouTube creators have reacted negatively to the news. In addition to potentially making things more difficult for creators who are not in the YPP, these updates mean that YouTube users will most likely be seeing more ads overall. Avid YouTube users have complained about the slow but seemingly constant increase in ads on YouTube for some time now, so this update must be both unsurprising and disappointing for many.

Only time will tell what impact this has on YouTube creators and the popularity of the platform. What do you think of this decision? Is YouTube taking advantage of small creators or do they have a right to put ads on all the videos on their platform? Let us know what you think!

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