The Best Way to Track Calls from Google Ads

Call tracking is a must for any serious business. It’s an essential tool for identifying which calls and emails are getting through and where the customer is hanging up.

With so much information available, it’s often hard to understand what’s relevant or even true. CallRail is the best call tracking software out there. We've used it for the past year and have tested several competitors.

1. Call tracking

You can use call tracking to determine what is working in your marketing and advertising. Call tracking allows you to see how many calls you are getting from each ad you run. This is important to your marketing efforts. It is an automated process, but still vital to monitor. Tracking campaign performance can help you understand what you need to do to improve. In order to fit market trends, this information is helpful. CallRail has free access to its call tracking solution. You can use its capabilities to better your campaigns, as it allows you to track your data without too much complexity. It can be hard to choose the right app in the App Store. CallRail is the best call tracking software on the market today. If you get a lot of traffic, you can get a Premium plan with free installation. There isn't a free trial or trial version of the solution. CallRail focuses on keeping its marketing in a sustainable state with technology and believes that if you invest in these three areas you will get more out of your marketing budget. It understands the power of mobile devices to connect individuals with the right advice and offers a free mobile app that allows you to track calls.

2. CallRail

CallRail is a call tracking and analytics platform that helps marketers see how well their marketing is working by tracking calls generated by their marketing efforts.

You can learn more about the people who are calling you from CallRail, such as their ad they saw on your page and how long they were on your page.

The CallRail platform includes conversion tracking tools and some analytics tools.

We've had a great experience working with CallRail. They have been a dependable partner in our call tracking needs. The CallRail provides business insight so you can improve business performance. If your business relies heavily on calls and email communication, then CallRail is a must-have. It can track all of your calls , emails, invoices, and even more.

You can't afford to be slow to respond when a customer contacts you or you're not receiving enough inbound call volume. So make sure you are tracking as much of this information as possible to keep a close eye on your business.

3. Features

CallRail has several features that make it a great tool for anyone who wants to track calls for their business. It is an important tool to have if your business relies on direct sales or sales-related calls. Business associates, accountants, and many others use call logging software to track their calls. Tracking tools allow you to know what positions the phone have been in and what calling device it is currently on. The main benefits of CallRail are its functionalities that help users measure and understand conversions, real-time reporting, marketing functionalities, call analytics dashboard and a plethora of other helpful features. Here are more details:

  • Measuring and Understanding Conversions The platform helps in understanding which websites, search words, and campaigns are driving conversions. It comes with a visitor timeline feature where users can view the complete customer journey on their website. The conversion-related information is then fed to Google Analytics. On top of that, it also optimizes the call tracking campaigns in Google Ads.

  • Real-time Reporting CallRail features real-time reporting which allows users to know when a call is received and determine which of their campaigns are delivering results and bringing a good return on investment.

  • Marketing Functionalities CallRail helps in identifying which among the marketing channels that a business uses are generating more calls. Aside from that, the platform measures call leads received from direct email, radio, TV, newspaper, and other traditional means of advertising. Users can also gather important caller information using the platform so they can understand their callers and provide better service.

  • Call Analytics Dashboard CallRail’s call analytics dashboard presents information about individual calls. It also helps users understand effective campaigns and visualize trends.

Among the noteworthy features of CallRail are its email notification functionality, which keeps users updated when a lead comes in and a visitor timeline that displays a site visitor’s activities and browsing behaviors. This allows CallRail users to determine which of their website pages delivers most of the phone calls they receive. The functionalities of the software are not limited to the built-in ones. It also offers seamless integration with numerous marketing, analytics, as well as sales software such as Salesforce, Google Ads and Analytics. Last but not least, it supports voicemail transcription, SMS, lead capture, and the ability to conduct follow-ups.

4. Integrations with HubSpot & Keap.

Call tracking is a powerful tool that can help you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

The benefit of CallRail is that it integrates with both email marketing software and marketing automation platforms, making it easy to become a first-mover on conversion optimization.

You can send push notifications for targeted landing pages or even emails that land on your personal website.

CallRail Integrator offers the ability to track huge calling data at a single time and comes with free online demos and a 30-day evaluation period. You will have to pay every time you upgrade your license. If you are just starting with CallRail, it is essential that you upgrade quickly.

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