New Customizable Ad Settings being rolled out by Google

Google announced on December 10, 2020, that they would be rolling out new customizable Ad Settings controls in order to allow people to limit the number of alcohol and gambling-related ads they see on Google, YouTube, and websites that run Google Ads.

Although Ad Settings allows people to personalize the kinds of ads they would like to see, and features such as About this ad and Mute this ad explain why people see specific ads and allow people to stop a specific ad from showing up on their feeds respectively, people have so far been unable to control which categories of ads that they would like to limit.

The new customizable Ad Settings controls regarding alcohol and gambling allow users to limit two entire categories of ads that they would rather not see while using YouTube and websites with Google Ads.

These changes are the result of user feedback and aim to give users more control over their ad experience. Citing respect for diversity in personal decisions and cultural values, Google worked with the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) to develop these controls.

The new feature will start with YouTube in the United States, then roll out to Google Ads and YouTube all over the world by early 2021. Users in countries that already have bans or limits on ads for alcohol or gambling will not be affected by these changes.

At the end of the announcement, Google promised to continue to prioritize user control over their ad experiences and assured users that controls will continue to be improved as Google and its products evolve.

To what extent do you think that users should be able to control their ad experiences? Are these changes a step in the right direction or do they not go far enough? Let us know what you think below!

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