The Top 10 Announcements You Need to Know From Google I/O Conference 2022

With much anticipation and expectation, The Google developers conference kicked off with its usual keynote speaker address. This event was held in person after a gap of 2 years and was hosted by CEO Sundar Pitchai. As usual, there were a lot of developments announced, and Google gave us a taste of what to expect soon.

Google has always introduced new technologies and latest innovations that constantly upgrade its systems. It has doubled the research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Google’s CEO Sundar Pitchai has given a slew of new products aimed to provide a more immersive experience.

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The top trends from the Google i/o conference are as below

1) Android 13

One of the most anticipated releases this year is Android 13. Coming closely on the heels of the release of Android 12 on October 4, 2021, it promises much more of an immersive experience. Improved streamlined android interface across tablets for improved handling. The company is also working on digital IDs as seen in Apple devices. The update also includes early warning and SOS systems that extend to the Wear OS.

Android 13 unveiled at Google IO | Big AL Consulting
Android 13 announcement

2) Google Pixel 6 A, Pixel 7, and 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro -
Google Announces New Pixel 6a Phone

Google has launched the next generation of Pixel-a Phones. The entry-level model will be available from July 21st. The teaser of Pixel 7 was also shared. Made with recycled aluminum, the camera retains the same bar shape. With an improved Tensor chip, the phones are available for shipment with Android 13.

3) Maps and Search Automation

Google announces new features in maps and enhanced search Automation
Google Maps and search automation

Another noteworthy up-gradation from Google is for Search and Maps. The use of AI to map difficult terrains and previously inaccessible places is incorporated. Improved search options by introducing click and search features. Scene exploration based on pan photos is also introduced. Maps have been upgraded to provide an immersive view of where you want to visit a place and Google will provide all the details relevant to the same.

4) Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet

Google I/O 2022: Pixel Watch announcement
Pixel Watch & Pixel Tablet

Google has given us a preview of both the watch and the tablet. The watch features a more improved Wear OS and lots of curves while the tablet is pitched as a complement to the phone.

5) Google Assistant

 4 days ago The Keyword Have more natural conversations with Google Assistant
Google’s Next-Gen Google Assistant Experience

The ever-present Google assistant is getting a huge makeover. Facial recognition is introduced to improve the functions. Instead of repeatedly saying “Hey Google”, you can choose common phrases. The Assistant is tweaked to improve the conversation performance.

6) Google Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro Add Active Noise Cancellation to Its Range
New Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google has introduced its first-ever Buds pro. With spatial audio and active noise cancellation, it promises an immersive music experience. Available for preorder from July 21, they are priced at $199.

These are some of the product launches and improvements announced at the Google i/o conference 2022. Apart from this, Google has announced a range of improvements for its other products as well. We had already discussed the improvements in the maps and search, below is the list of the major software improvements announced by google:

7) Skin Tone

Improving skin tone representation across Google
The 10 shades of the Monk Skin Tone Scale.

Google had adopted the Monk Skin Tone Scale to improve its imagery. This was developed by Ellis Monk, a Harvard Professor. This system aims to accurately represent the skin tones. Can be easily applied to the photos app. The application is outsourced to developers for research and product development.

8) Privacy and Ads

Google says that My Ad Center will help to give users control not just over how their data is used but also over how this affects their experience of the web.
Google pitches for user trust with expanded privacy controls

Google reasserted its commitment to privacy at the developer’s conference. It has rolled out many privacy initiatives like ad placements, payment protection, etc. It has provided the option of “Virtual Cards” which will replace your credit card information thus preventing fraud. You can request to remove even your details from the search engines.

Good news for advertisers and consumers. An improved ad center lets you control the type of ad you are interested in which will not only help advertisers to target the exact audience but also show the consumers the ad of their choice.

9) Google Docs

Google Docs will automatically parse the words and pull out the main points.
Google Introduced automated summarization for Google Docs

Google has rolled out great improvements to its docs. It introduced a feature called “Automatic Summaries”. This features a summary at the top of the page enabling users to jump right to the place where they require it in the document.

10) Youtube Videos

Using speech recognition models, it will auto-generate chapters and add auto-translated captions. Google is adding the Ukrainian language to auto-translated captions to help bring more accurate information from YouTubers to viewers around the world.
Updated chapters will help users find the right part of a YouTube video.

A piece of great news for creators. Google has launched auto-generated chapters that enable creators to develop new content easily and quickly. It uses Deep Mind multimodal technology to simultaneously integrate audio, text, and video. This is will speed up the process of video creation while enabling users to skip to the part they want to watch.

The Google I/O 2022 conference solely focused on the hardware with improvements to the software. Improved access and enhanced views to make it more user-friendly were tested. Google glasses teasers added to the hype and hoopla. All in all, a conference that aimed to address privacy issues, the latest product launches, and many more.

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