Google Ads New Performance Max campaigns 2022

It's no secret that Google is pushing Performance Max campaigns on advertisers, but did you know that if you set your target type to CPA you'll pay less than

Google is replacing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns for all campaigns and categories with a Performance Max campaign by the end of Q3 2022.

This new standard for display advertising attracts plenty of interest, so Google is adding new features to help advertisers with this change.

Performance Max Campaigns New Features

Google just announced a few new features they're rolling out, and they include:

  • Customer acquisition goal

  • Consumer interest insights

  • One-click upgrade tool

Let's take a closer look at each feature:

#1: Customer Acquisition Goal

With Performance Max, you can set the Customer Acquisition goal type, which was introduced in Google Ads last year

There were available customer acquisition goals with the Smart Shopping campaigns started.

With the forced migration to Performance MAX, Google is now making this available for that campaign type.

The goal type will allow you to do one of two things:

  • Bid for new customers who are similar to existing customers

  • Focus on optimization on new customers only and maintain cost-efficiency

#2: Customer Interest Insights makes

Google is expanding Customer Interest Insights to the insights page in Google ads.

This new update will allow you to view themes driving your search results.

This is a big deal because currently, there are no such insights in Performance Max campaigns.

There are very few details

given to advertisers on what’s driving conversions.

An example of interest insights is below:

In addition, Google is launching asset audience insights.

There are hundreds of variables that affect the way you write, create, shoot, edit, format, promote, link, and measure your

Diagnostic Insights are added to the last module of Performance Max, Performance Health, which is where we are at right now.

This will show you any potential setup issues that are preventing your ads from showing. If you have a problem, there’s a suggestion to help solve the problem

#3: One-Click Upgrade Tool

Google is starting to roll out the one-click upgrade to Google AdWords accounts. In the next few weeks, you'll receive an email from Google telling you when the one-click upgrade option is available for your account.

You can access this tool from the Recommendations page and the Campaigns page.

Google’s rollout is coming slowly. In June, you’ll be able to use it to upgrade Local campaigns.

When you use the tool to migrate, your respective campaigns will become a new and separate Performance Max campaign.

All of the previous campaigns' budgets, settings, and learnings will be transferred over.

In Summary

Today, customers have multiple devices and interact with brands on many channels.

With the growth of smartphones and tablets, the consumer journey is no longer linear. Search engines now understand the customer journey landscape has changed.

With these new features of Performance Max, you'll know what mix of inventory and ad formats gets you the best results.

The one-click feature is all about ease for newer online advertisers.

There are people who have a lot of experience in marketing and have mixed feelings about the new ad formats.

Performance Max campaigns allow you to manage the performance of your campaigns as well as monitor your performance.

With the ease of automation available, making a setting change that’s not aligned with your campaign goals can be incredibly easy.

It's best to take a step back and experience the Performance Max tool setup first-hand. At Big AL Consulting we pride ourselves for being one of the early testers for performance max campaigns as a Premier Google Partner. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business grow with the exact marketing strategies we used to scale multiple businesses with Google Ads.

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