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Get Certified with Google Ads NOW

Whether you are a newbie (or a master) in Google Ads or an advertising agency owner, now is the perfect time to get certified with Google Ads! Google has announced a series of changes to their “Partner Badge Program Requirements” that will go into effect in 2021. Nothing has been said about the specific time frame for these changes, but they could happen in as little as ONE MONTH! Are you prepared? Let’s take a look at one of the changes:

Google will now require that Google Partners have “two or more users certified in Google Ads who have admin or standard access to [their] company’s Google Ads manager account or sub-managers.”


“A company needs to have at least 50% of its eligible users earn updated certifications from Skillshop. A company must also have at least one user certified in each channel they have spend in.”

What does this mean? If you are looking to expand your marketability as a future employee or freelancer in 2021, this is your chance! Becoming certified in Google Ads makes you an asset to companies who need to fulfil these new requirements. If you are an advertising agency owner, becoming certified yourself (or at least ensuring that your employees are certified) is more important than ever before!

There are six certifications to choose from: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Shopping Ads, Google Ads- Measurement, and Google Ads Apps.

Google Ads Certifications

If you want to be a Google Partner, you need to have these certifications. You can choose which certification based on your needs (as an agency owner) or on your skills (as a freelancer), or you can get certified in them all to increase your marketability!

I need to get certified as well, my certifications are all expired. Which one are you going to start with?

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